BEST proudly support close to 30 schools in NW London. To date BEST has distributed over £2million to their participating schools. Your contribution DOES make a difference

Ateres Beis Yaakov
Beis Chinuch Primary School
Beis Medrash Elyon
Beis Soroh Schneirer
Beis Yaakov Grammar School
Beis Yaakov Primary School
Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary School
Hasmonean High (Boys & Girls Schools)
Hasmonean Primary School
Independent Jewish Day School
Menorah Foundation School
Menorah Grammar School
Menorah High School
Menorah Primary School
Nancy Reuben Primary School
Pardes House Grammar School
Pardes House Primary School
Peninim Primary School
Shalom Noam Primary School
Shiras Devorah
Tashbar Edgware
Tiferes High School
Tiferes Shlomo
Torah Temimah Primary School
Torah Vodaas Primary School

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