R' Benzi Dunner Z"L

BEST (Benzi Dunner Schools Trust) was founded in enduring memory of R' Benzi Dunner Z"L, guided by the overarching goal of enhancing the well-being of local Jewish schools in the NW London region and fostering a sense of community unity.

At the heart of our mission lies the dedicated pursuit of facilitating charitable giving to these schools with utmost efficiency and accuracy, all while adhering to a core principle of minimizing costs. We believe that by streamlining the process of support, we can maximize the positive impact on the educational institutions we serve and, consequently, contribute to the broader community's growth and cohesion.

In honouring the memory of R' Benzi Dunner Z"L, BEST strives to create a lasting legacy of educational advancement, community engagement, and charitable excellence. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to fortify the foundation of local Jewish schools, ensuring they continue to thrive and serve as pillars of knowledge and unity within the community.

Fundraising Initiatives:

BEST operates two main fundraising initiatives:

1. Charity Voucher Scheme: Our voucher scheme, operated by AAC, provides an opportunity for those eligible for Gift Aid to direct their charitable donations. This ensures that commissions are returned to our local schools. We actively campaign to promote the voucher scheme, and the list of account holders is steadily growing.

2. Shul Collections: These collections occur weekly on Mondays and have become well-established in most of the Minyonim in NW London, with the list of participating Shuls continuously growing.

All funds raised are distributed equally among all the BEST schools.

For Our Clients:
We prioritise providing superior client care for individuals and organisations donating money through AAC's services. We employ thorough and efficient administration and control systems. Compliance with the law, especially rules governing charitable donations and money laundering prevention, is maintained with active exception reporting. We also implement ongoing checks to ensure recipients are genuine and actively involved in charitable activities.

For Charities:
We aim to offer recipient charities fast claims processing with minimal deductions, simplifying and expediting payments. We actively market our service to attract more clients, thereby providing more resources for charitable causes.

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