BEST provides a straightforward and convenient online donation platform with a variety of payment options. This not only simplifies the process of contributing, but also enhances our ability to support schools more efficiently. Your generous support is the backbone of BEST. When you support us, you're not only benefitting your children's schools, but also extending a helping hand to other schools in our community

We provide a discreet and exclusive school donation service for individuals, businesses, or charities looking to contribute without the need for public recognition. Our process is completely confidential and overseen by two senior members of the BEST board, guaranteeing that the school(s) remains unaware of the source of the funds. Our service enables community schools to receive contributions from donors who may have hesitated in the past due to concerns about publicity or the possibility of further requests from others. To date, we are proud to have facilitated £1 million in donations, making a significant impact in our community.


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