BEST rely on you for your generous support. Supporting BEST is a unique opportunity for you to provide much needed funds for your children’s schools whilst at the same time helping other schools in our area.

Signing up today is very simple. You simply fill out this form online:


and then either send a cheque (made payable to Achisomoch Aid Company Ltd) to BEST, c/o Enterprise House, 2 The Crest, London, NW4 2HN (with your name and address on the back) or make a direct transfer to the Achisomoch account, account number 20332003, sort code 20-29-60.

We require a minimum opening deposit of £200 to open an account (or £500 to qualify for a free book during a promotion). Please use your name as reference for the initial transfer, but for all subsequent transfers please add in your account number as well as your name into the reference.

An account will be opened and the funds credited to that account - less a small commission. You will then be sent a cheque/voucher book which may be used for making donations to any registered charity.

A Gift Aid form needs to be completed just once (if relevant), when the account is opened. On all such deposits into your account Gift Aid Tax rebate of 25% is claimed which, once received, is then added to your account, less the same small commission. You will then enter details of the donation on your Tax return.