BEST was established in loving memory of R' Benzi Dunner Z"L to benefit the local Jewish schools in NW London and to promote unity within our community.

BEST seeks to aid charitable giving to local NW London schools expeditiously, accurately and efficiently - with minimal costs.

BEST currently have two main fund raising initiatives, Shul Collections and Charity Voucher Scheme. Shul Collections: This takes place once a week on a Monday. They are now well established in most of the Minyonim in NW London and the list of participating Shuls is growing. Charity Voucher Scheme: Our voucher scheme, which is operated by Achisomoch Aid Company, is a great opportunity for people that are able to obtain Gift Aid, to channel their charity funds through as this will ensure that the commissions are returned to our local schools. We are constantly campaigning to further promote the voucher scheme and the list of account holders is b”H continuing to grow.

All funds raised are distributed equally to all the BEST schools.

For our clients:

We seek to provide superior client care for people and organisations donating money through the services of Achisomoch using thorough and efficient administration and control systems.

At all times we ensure that we act within the framework of the law and especially the rules governing charitable donations and avoidance of money laundering. We do this actively and with exception reporting.

We also implement a program of ongoing checks on behalf of our clients to ensure the recipients are bona-fide and actively involved in charitable activities.

For charities:

We seek to provide recipient charities with very fast processing of claims with minimal deductions. We also simplify and expedite payments to bona fide charities in Israel.

We actively market the service in order to attract more clients and thus provide more money for charity.

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For more statutory information and latest 'returns' of Achisomoch, please visit their entry at the Charity Commission web-site